All-in-One Powerful Platform

Algorithmic Bid & Budget Optimization

Enjoy effortless optimization of your campaigns with easyleads technology. Simply define your goals and preferences and let the easyleads algorithms work for you 24/7.

easyleads automated Budget Module smartly allocates funds between campaigns on a daily and monthly basis, attaining the ideal utilization of your advertising budget.

easyleads algorithmic Bid Module sets the best bid & bid adjustment for every keyword and placement 24 hours a day and improves total performance.

Join easyleads and enjoy the benefits of algorithmic Bid & Budget management.

Smart Actionable Recommendations

Reduce by 80% the time spent on analyzing and optimizing AdWords accounts. easyleads proprietary technology performs in-depth analysis of all account objects. The following Actionable Recommendations can be deployed in one click: Keyword Optimization, Campaign Settings, Ad Optimization and Alerts, Landing Page Performance and more.
Each recommendation is supplied with detailed explanations and supportive data.

Leverage easyleads to get more results and spend less time
on every managed account.

Superior Reports

Save on reporting time by automating your reporting process. Select from existing insightful and impressive white labeled reports, or create new ones and schedule automatic distribution to customers and managers.

Use easyleads to enhance your reporting process, our customers
love our reports. You will too!

Powerful Dashboards

Visualize your performance and discover the hidden connections in your data. Use MCC Dashboard to get a high level overview of your entire account's performance. Drill down to account level dashboard to comprehensively analyze each account. Leverage easyleads benchmarking dashboard to compare key performance indicators across your data.

Easyleads powerful dashboards show you the information that matters!
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