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easyleads Artificial Intelligence platform enables advertisers & agencies to get more value from their advertising spend while saving time & resources
Bid & Budget Optimization
Boost your performance with 24/7
automated real-time optimization algorithms
Smart Recommendations
Improve your account structure with
actionable one click recommendations
Live Alerts
Get live alerts and never be surprised.
React in time, save money
Click Fraud Protection
Automatically identify and block competitors,
Bots and other unwanted clicks.
Powerful Dashboards
Visualize and discover the hidden
connections in your data
Create and automatically distribute
insightful white labeled reports

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We Empower Marketers

easyleads was established by a group of mathematicians
and experienced internet marketing experts.
Our mission is to help marketers optimize advertising performance.
The platform utilizes proven mathematical and statistical models
together with an intuitive user interface.

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